Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is the land of a million different journeys. Australia’s closest neighbour, yet so undiscovered by many! It is a land of rich cultural diversity, with over 800 languages, hosts vivid cultural festivals and is home to many unique tribes. Diving WWII wrecks, trekking the highest mountain in Oceania, learning the ways of life of local tribes and luxury hotels – there’s something for everyone in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is a country of true adventure and natural beauty where visitors enjoy experiences found no other place on earth. Located only three hours from Brisbane, Papua New Guinea is made up of more than 600 islands, four regions with 20 provinces and over 800 indigenous languages. The country’s rich culture, unique species of flora and fauna, stunning vistas and friendly people, all contribute to making PNG the destination with a million different journeys.

Things to Do

For clients who believe they’ve seen and done it all, Papua New Guinea should be next on their list. One of the most untouched destinations left in the world, this is a country for the intrepid traveler with a love of different cultures and incredible natural beauty. Whether you fall for our magnificent natural scenery and diverse cultural heritage, or the contrasts between our vivid cultural performances and untouched islands, Papua New Guinea is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on you. Papua New Guinea is unique in the sheer amount of authentic experiences for travelers to revel in.

When you’re not meeting local tribes, there are renowned treks such as Kokoda and itineraries of WWII history sites. There are volcanoes to hike, rivers to swim in, islands to hop between and of course, coconuts to drink. Papua New Guinea is home to incredible surfing, diving and fishing, to fill your days with activities that you will never forget. Papua New Guinea is not a “fly and flop” destination, it is about experiencing all that there is to offer in this beautiful country.

Places to Stay

Experience a range of accommodation from mountain lodges in the Highlands, beachside villas along the coast and islands and even luxury accommodation you would never expect to see in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea offers a range of accommodation across the country that can see you in a homestay one night and an overwater bungalow the next.

Places to Go

Papua New Guinea has four regions divided into 22 provinces.

The Highlands Region

To the north lies the Highlands Region, an east-west zone of mountains with elevations in excess of 13,000 feet (4,000 metres). This region has seven provinces – Southern Highlands, Enga Province,

Western Highlands, Simbu, Eastern Highlands. Explore the Highlands with events such as HagenShow (August), or trek the tallest mountain in Oceania, Mt Wilhelm.

Islands Region

Located in the northeast of Papua New Guinea, the New Guinea Islands Region comprises of provinces in the Bismarck Archipelago and Solomon Islands Archipelago. The region is divided into five provinces – East New Britain, West New Britain, Manus, New Ireland, and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville. This region offers an abundance of land and sea journeys – from cruise, cultural tours, snorkelling, swimming, kayaking, hiking, climbing, fishing and arts and crafts. It is distinct through its history portrayed by its Austronesian languages and archaeological findings of Lapita pottery culture.

These provinces play host to the National Kenu and Kundu Festival (November) and The National Mask Festival. Rabaul is also an important part of Australia’s war history, with Bita Paka war cemetery and Yamamoto’s bunker.

Momase Region

Made up of four provinces in the northeast of the mainland – Madang, Morobe, East Sepik and West Sepik – there are many journeys to experience in this region that take you through incredible rivers and coastal plains meeting extraordinary people and their cultures. The Sepik River offers the opportunity to see how tribes live along the river in Papua New Guinea, and are often only able to be accessed via helicopter or traditional boats. The Sepik River Crocodile & Arts Festival is an incredible display of both tradition and skill of this area.

Papua Region

This region is made up of Central Province, Gulf Province, Milne Bay Province, National Capital District, Northern Province and Western Province. A hot humid climate exists for most of the year, except in the mountains, and with some variation in the northeast monsoon season. In the National Capital District, Port Moresby is Papua New Guinea’s capital and the main entry point for international travel visitors. Port Moresby is the gateway to all that Papua New Guinea has to offer.