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The TOSP roadshow is back in 2024.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with ‘Treasures of the South Pacific’ as we unveil the essence of this enchanting region! Prepare to be swept away by breathtaking wonders, immerse yourself in cultural richness, and create memories that will last a lifetime…

Thanks for your continuing support,
Treasures of the South Pacific

Welcome to the Treasures of the South Pacific (ToSP)

The ToSP is a unique group of like-minded South Pacific Tourism Offices who work together as a team to promote the amazing region to the travel industry within Australia. Each member has their own Tourism Office located in Australia that works independently, but like a close family we also come together throughout the year to share our treasures collectively. We have many attributes in common (such as clear waters, white sands, blue skies and beautiful people), however we also have our many unique differences we also strive to educate you on so you can recommend the right destination for your valued client.

The following pages will provide you the contacts and links you may need to ensure you can connect to the right representative, training program or other relevant information you might be seeking about all of our members. Additionally we provide links to live functions and other promotions we hold periodically to further your understanding of our region. Make sure you check back regularly to ensure you don’t miss out.

Lastly, no close family is complete without a great set of friends to support them. The ToSP is extremely grateful to Pacific Trade Invest Australia and Pacific Tourism Office who provide valuable sponsorship as well as the promotion of the Hidden Treasures of the South Pacific – those amazing destinations that do not have an office based locally. Additionally, we want to say a big shout out to our Major Sponsor in Fiji Airways… They have been staunch supporters of the ToSP over the years both financially and with holiday prizes as they proudly fly to most of the destinations within our organisation.

Welcome to the Treasures of the South Pacific – Welcome to Paradise!

President – ToSP