So near so different! The diversity of New Caledonia with the best of French cuisine blended with unique Melanesian flavours. The largest lagoon in the world, crystal clear waters, the wide vistas, majestic mountains, and lush tropical forests of the North. The untrodden paradise of the Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands. It's a combination of experiences found nowhere else on earth.

New Caledonia is Australia's closest Pacific neighbour, making it an ideal destination for Australians looking for a holiday with a difference, without the distance.

When you arrive in New Caledonia, you will find yourself amongst stunning natural wonders, including a World Heritage listed lagoon and the second largest reef in the world, all waiting to be explored and appreciated by visitors.

Flying direct with Aircalin you can be in Noumea, in two hours from Brisbane, less than three hours from Sydney and under four hours from Melbourne; the short flying times make this Pacific island the perfect long weekend getaway.

Unique Culture

Blessed with stunning natural wonders including the largest lagoon in the world; a UNESCO World Heritage Listed site, the second largest reef in the world and a unique blend of French and Melanesian cultures, New Caledonia is like nowhere else.

Enjoy a holiday destination that really has it all; a destination where natural landscapes meet cosmopolitan cityscapes, where warm island welcomes mix with French sophistication, where fresh island produce features in Gallic-inspired recipes

Relax On Picture-Perfect Beaches

With a warm island welcome, beautiful beaches and reefs, New Caledonia is the true Pacific experience. Explore the abundant marine life, snorkel in crystal clear waters or take a short boat ride to a number of the smaller islands off Noumea.

For those wanting to really get away from it all, enjoy some time at the breathtakingly beautiful Isle of Pines or Loyalty Islands.

French Immersion

A palm-tree lined Pacific island with French sophisticated culture seems almost too good to be true - this is what makes New Caledonia so fascinating and unique.

New Caledonia has extensive dining options where you can enjoy and savour delectable French cooking, beautiful wines and champagnes and many patisseries selling mouth-watering macarons, clairs and chocolates.

Once you've had your fill of fine French foods, enjoy browsing the many boutiques in Noumea's town centre. With brands such as Herm's, Chanel and L'Occitane you will feel as though you are shopping in Paris

Beachside Activities

New Caledonia's pristine beaches will have you relaxing the moment your holiday begins. Discover Noumea's popular beach spots, such as Anse Vata and Baie de Citrons (Lemon Bay).

With a number of hotels only a stone's throw away from the shore line, grab your snorkel and explore the crystal clear waters, enjoy leisurely strolls along the beach, sunbathe, or simply relax as you sip on cocktails and watch the sun set over the ocean.

For those that love a more active holiday there are a number of watersport activities in and around Noumea, while Promenade Pierre Vernier is a landscaped 4km path along the waterfront that is ideal for lazy walks or energetic sunset jogs.

Urban Experiences

From the bustling atmosphere of the Port Moselle markets to sophisticated French boutiques, classic colonial architecture to the unique Kanak culture, Noumea abounds with things to do and beautiful places to visit - there's something for all ages and all tastes.

Wandering around the markets, you can also experience European culture as you shop alfresco style and then take some time to enjoy a coffee and croissant at a local caf. As the evening settles in, venture to Anse Vata or Baie des Citrons and sit back with an aperitif as live music plays in the background and you enjoy a cocktailor two!

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