Explore the hidden paradise of this Pacific archipelago comprising of 992 islands; there is so much to see and do in the Solomon Islands - from the diver's paradise of diverse marine life, to the wild interiors of local village treks. Feel the spirit of adventure as you explore the Solomons; take a step back in time where the islands remain - unhurried, undeveloped, untouched and unspoiled. Welkam and Lukim You! See More >>
Find the Fiji experience that makes you happy, and plan the perfect trip. Relax around the pool, or picnic on a perfect white sand beach. Crank up the adrenaline by white water rafting or ziplining through a rainforest. Get close to nature with jungle treks or visit one of Fijis famous Nature Reserves. There is a huge variety of things to see and do no matter where you are in Fiji.For the perfect holiday, choose from affordable accommodation all the way through to exclusive luxury resorts, bunk down in a hostel or book an island to yourself. Experience the warmth of the Fijian people with their genuine smiles and be greeted with a friendly u2018Bulau2019 as they welcome you home.Fiji, where happiness finds you. See More >>
As your gateway to the Pacific, Fiji Airways continues to be the airline that connects the world to the South Pacific for more than six decades. Providing unequalled access to Fiji and beyond through our hubs in Suva and Nadi, we offer world class service in both our Business and Economy class with a genuine Fijian warmth that adds the touch of family to your trip from the moment you board our airline to the moment you depart for home. Fiji has never been more accessible with our current range of aircrafts, operating convenient direct flights from around the world. We are also proud to be a partner in the oneworld connect platform allowing more service and benefits for our customers through a wider network. See More >>

So near so different! The diversity of New Caledonia with the best of French cuisine blended with unique Melanesian flavours. The largest lagoon in the world, crystal clear waters, the wide vistas, majestic mountains, and lush tropical forests of the North. The untrodden paradise of the Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands. It's a combination of experiences found nowhere else on earth. See More >>
Traffic? What`s that? Queues? Never heard of them. Harried people? Not here. According to Lonely Planet, if relaxation was an Olympic sport, this is where you would come to train. Just five hours across the glistening Pacific, in the heart of Polynesia, lies the treasured islands of the South Pacific - Samoa. Here we celebrate the traditional way of life and a culture 3,000 years in the making called Fa`a Samoa - The Samoan Way. Powdery white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, cascading waterfalls, powerful blow holes, hundred year old lava fields, emerald jungles and mystical cave pools? We have them. See More >>
Uniquely different to all others, the "Hidden Treasures" are more off the beaten path but will reward you for the extra effort. A collection of island destinations form around the Pacific, the "Hidden Treasures" include Kiribati, Tuvalu, The Kingdom of Tonga, Niue, Marshall Islands, American Samoa, Palau,  Nauru and the Federated States of Micronesia. If you would like to learn more, try our Specialist Training Program See More >>

The Cook Islands is a little paradise where it's easy to feel free and where you'll find more than enough to do. Life here is simply beautiful, and the best part is it's so much closer and more affordable than you think! Lying in the heart of the pacific, the Cook Islands are located halfway between Australia's east coast and Hawaii. See More >>
Tahiti is a word that evokes images of lush tropical landscapes; of crystal clear azure lagoons surrounded by soaring volcanic peaks; of love and romance; of gentle goddesses and fierce warriors, it is the stuff of dreams and legends.The first explorers returned home boasting that they had discovered heaven on earth; writers and artists have captured its planning when to go back. So, what is it about Tahiti & Her Islands which makes us forget that life is short and that there is a world of beauty and tranquillity just waiting to be discovered? See More >>
Vanuatu offers you a more exciting way to relax on your next break. The simple truth is that adventure, in its many forms, is what Vanuatu does best. Vanuatu is a raw experience. It is a land of untouched wilderness, pristine oceans and rugged beauty. Fire erupts from the earth and ancient stories shape its way of life. The bumpy journey to uncover its treasures is often half the adventure. See More >>

360 Degrees of Wonder, Where you can be as laid back (or busy) as you want to be. Where the only fast food is pulled fresh from soil or sea. Where there are no traffic lights. Where you can still park your car with the keys in the ignition. Time moves slowly here. Elegant convict-built Georgian buildings are still in daily use and the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA) is now World Heritage Listed as part of the Australian Convict Sites inscription. See More >>